Our Corporate Culture

Our Corporate Culture

At Capital Hills, we believe in implementing & enforcing the “3 Core Values – Prudence, Value, Professionalism” into our businesses and services, the values will enable us to grow and be successful. These 3 core values are indeed the “foundation” of our Group and our Corporate Culture, which is the guiding spirit of our entire Group.

This Corporate Culture, which together with our 3 core values, is the key practice in our business direction, in designing our future road maps and in our entire corporate strategic planning; and aims to benefit our stakeholders and investors as a whole.

Indeed the “3 core values” are embedded in our management and daily operation, in our services, in designing our buildings, and in our managing the entire corporation and our people; reminding us to serve our stakeholders, our investors, our people, our services and projects with prudent steps.

We aim to delivering high-quality services and projects, a motto that always remains as the Cornerstone of Capital Hills Philosophy and Culture, and will be transformed into a valuable brand in future, with attractive capital growth and sustained development.

Our 3 core values are defined as follows:


We deliver our services in a cautious, prudent manner, with caring attitudes.


Our teams will deliver “values” with passion in every single project and task, with full attention to all details enhancing high service quality in area of development and management.


We request all our management personnel and functional teams to follow the guidance of our corporate values, and to act in a professional manner in all aspects of our business and always be Professional.