Sustainability & CSR

Sustainability & CSR

Capital Hills is a socially responsible entity committed to delivering a sustainable future. Our Corporate Social Responsibility is part of our Corporate Governance; and being a social entity, we must fulfill the following:

  1. To make the most contributions to the well-beings of our business community; and our society in the globe as a whole, apart from being a property investor and developer.

  2. To offer prudence, value and professionalism to our stakeholders, business partners, residents and tenants, to those who interact with us at various sectors.

  3. To provide the entire target group with our best services by our professional teams, and always operate with an optimal sense of virtue, broad-mindedness, confidence, commitment, global vision, and creativity.

  4. We are also committed to community charitable causes, environmental protection and our staff’s health and safety development; and being one of the “caring company” with a dedication towards corporate social responsibility and community services.