ANS: We are a commercial property investment group focuses on acquiring commercial projects and retail properties at prime locations; we are a young developer engaged in the development and management of urban redevelopment projects, iconic serviced apartments and modern boutique hotels.

Currently, our core businesses are divided into four divisions – Strategic Development & Asset Management, Commercial Property Investment, Serviced Apartments & Boutique Hotels - Development & Management, and Urban Development.
ANS: At Capital Hills, our corporate vision is to become a highly-recognized, reliable, commercial property investment corporate; and one of the leading, passionate developers of our time in the upcoming years.

A visionary company like Capital Hills is able to guide our staff and our group to grow in a healthy manner, and towards a well-governed direction.
ANS: The “3 Core Values” are – “Prudence, Value and Professionalism”. They are important because they are indeed the “Foundation” of our Group and our Corporate Culture, which are guiding us in our corporate future direction for projects and investments, and to the benefits of our stakeholders and investors.

The three core values enable us to build our brand and our business success:

“Prudence” means ‘we are able to deliver our services in a cautious, prudent manner, with caring attitudes’;

“Value” means that ‘our teams are able to deliver “values” with passion in every single project and task, with full attention to all details enhancing high service quality in area of development and management’;

“Professionalism” means that ‘our management personnel and functional teams to follow the guidance of our corporate values, and to act in a professional manner in all aspects of our business and always be Professional.’
ANS: Corporate Governance is an important component in our beliefs in acting as a responsible business entity; it is also a business management concept developed/designed to help govern our Group to be healthy and responsible; therefore we are keen to establish the Corporate Governance Structure in order to guide us in a healthy path.

With Corporate Governance Guidelines and principles which are established based upon the four cornerstones of accountability, transparency, fairness and integrity, we are ready to commit to maintaining higher standards of corporate performance, business integrity and governance.
ANS: AT Capital Hills, we believe that ‘people is our asset’; and the success of a company relies a great deal on its people and employees who are our Corporate Assets; and our teams must uphold the same visions as our leaders. We provide our staffs with training programs to equip them with the latest information and technology; we lead them with our governing guidelines and internal controls systems. But most important of all, we nurture, educate, encourage and motivate them.
ANS: At Capital Hills, we are committed to community charitable causes, environmental protections, our staff’s health and safety development; and being one of the “caring company” with a dedication towards corporate social responsibility and community services, we will work hard on to become a socially responsible entity.